A catch up on fishing since April

Here’s a catchup on what’s been biting since April when we got back on the water! I’ve been busy fishing most days so if you’re keen to jump on board a small group fishing charter then give me a callon 0488229752 and we’ll get you out on the water and catching some fish.

Whiting and flathead caught on Joe Farr Fishing Charters

A solo fishing trip to test out ‘Seamphony”s new motor… she’s still a fishy boat! King George Whiting and Flathead

Whiting fishing on Joe Farr Fishing Charters off SorrentoRegular fisherman Mo with a lot of whiting!

The whiting have been on the chew, dropping off a bit around the full moon but now back in action and tasty as ever.

Squid fishing trip off Sorrento

This picture of the boat’s deck after a squid fishing trip says it all! Come and catch some calamari. (Our fishing charter boat ‘Seamphony’ started out white, by the way.)

Thresher shark caught aboard Joe Farr Fishing Chartersshark fishing charter brings a mako shark

These sharks were caught aboard an ocean shark fishing trip in Bass Strait. I’m not a big fan of killing big fish but the big thresher shark sadly died after 90 minutes of battling it out. We had the shark up to the boat four times but not quite close enough to get a release. After the fourth attempt the shark got tail wrapped and died. Thanks to the fish gods for letting us take this beautiful fish! The crew worked together to land this big fish with the intention of releasing it. The fish was a male and was very heavy, took four of us to lift for this photo. The other shark is a Mako shark, fastest shark in the sea swimming at up to 22 miles per hour.

Stargazer caught while whiting fishingStargazer caught while whiting fishing on Joe Farr Fishing Charters off Sorrento

A star gazer caught on a fishing trip where we were targeting King George Whiting. We don’t see many of these and it was great to catch a glimpse of such a unique looking fish. This one got to swim another day after a quick photoshoot.

Snapper caught aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters off Sorrento

Snapper have been ranging in size… HA! They’re still around but it is temperamental fishing.


Joe with some Australian salmon caught surf fishingGood sized Australian Salmon

I’ve been going down to do some surf fishing when the tides and conditions are right to catch Australian Salmon, just as a hobby. They’re tricky to catch in good quantity unless you know what you’re doing so if you’re new to surf fishing and interested in giving it a go then mention it to me when you’re aboard a charter and we’ll talk surf fishing! There’s a local salmon comp on at the moment at Peninsula Total Tackle in Rosebud so let us know if you’re interested in trying for salmon.

So that number to book your charter is 0488229752. Small groups only, up to 6 people with plenty of fishing space. The summer crowds have gone making for good fun and spacious fishing in Port Phillip Bay.

See you on the water!


  JOE FARR FISHING CHARTERS is a professional bay and ocean fishing charter exclusively for small groups. Joe Farr Fishing Charters operates in Port Phillip Bay, Bass Strait & takes charters in the Rip around Port Phillip Heads. Joe Farr Fishing Charters departs from Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula and Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula, about an hour south of Melbourne Victoria. Also taking bluefin tuna ocean fishing trips off Portland Victoria during tuna season. Bookings essential on 0488229752 or contact Joe online here.

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