An international fishing trip

Well it’s been a little while since the last post, and here’s part of the reason why. We’ve been travelling for the winter season visiting family and friends in far off places. From the Indonesian tropics to the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States we were never more than a few steps from the salty sea! What a great winter filled with boats both big and small and plenty of fishing along the way.

Our charter boat Seamphony was out of the water for her routine maintenance prior to spring fishing. I was lucky enough to spend some time in the remote Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, fishing it up every day. The place is known for its surfing which is what my mates were there for, but the fishing was what I was interested in and was lucky enough to have my own boat to cruise around and try my hand at fishing in the tropics in a different part of the world. Took a few days to figure out the area but once I had we had fresh fish cooked on board our home-base boat for us twice every day, and ate like kings!

Joe Farr on holiday at the Mentawai Islands Indonesia

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Then off to visit family in the Pacific North West of the USA, where I was able to catch some decent salmon before the season closed and do a bit of sightseeing.

Joe Farr from Joe Farr Fishing Charters rowing a row boat

A cloud that looks like a salmon cloud

Salmon are engrained in the culture of the PNW of the USA – you see them everywhere, even in the sky!

While we were away I finally got a chance to teach my little guy the finer points of reeling in seaweed (baby steps, he’s three). He loved it! I think it’s really important that he is learning where his food comes from. He has grown up on our local King George whiting and I know that soon enough he’ll be the one bringing it home for dinner.

Joe Farr and his son fishing in the Pacific North West a long way from Australia!

Family time with the little man

King George Whiting is a species close to my heart – they’re flighty and there is usually some skill involved in catching them, making them one that a lot of fishermen find frustrating but I really enjoy targeting and showing people how to catch. I think we’ve got something pretty special here in Port Phillip Bay, with amazing diversity of species that move in and out of the Bay, favourites including flathead, calamari and snapper. They’re all beautiful species, fun to catch and it helps that they ALL taste amazing!

So the charter is now back in action after a period of heavy duty boat detailing and general ship-shaping and we look forward to getting you and your crew on board to tap into the magic of Port Phillip Bay! How’s that saying go… give a family a fish and they’ll eat it for dinner, teach a family to fish and they’ll bring you dinner for life… something like that.


Tight lines,


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