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Meet ‘Seamphony‘, Joe Farr Fishing Charters’ Steber 28 and we believe one of the most comfortable charter boats in Victoria! She is licensed for survey class 2C meaning that it is licensed to carry passengers for the purposes of offshore fishing up to 30 nautical miles offshore. Her motor is an inboard Yanmar turbo diesel 315 horsepower, conveniently tucked out of the way of fishing rods. She’s fast enough to get around Port Phillip Bay if the fish aren’t on the chew in a certain spot, big enough to allow everyone to have their own fishing space but she’s still small enough to manoeuvre into the tighter fishing spots if necessary.

Joe Farr Fishing Charters' fishing boat, Seamphony, fishing Melbourne Port Phillip Bay

Meet ‘Seamphony’! Still small enough for exclusive charters but with added space for an even more fantastic fishing experience!

Seamphony’ is a small group fishing boat taking custom fishing trips for up to 6 people in Port Phillip Bay and 6 people for ocean fishing trips. She’s actually licensed for 10 people in Port Phillip Bay but Joe prefers to run smaller groups of 6 or less for passenger comfort and ease of fishing… less tangles! With these numbers Joe can also provide assistance where needed, clean and fillet your fish for you and passengers can enjoy a premium service.

Seamphony’ is perfect for the small group fishing trip experience because she has ample room for fishing but can still take the small numbers.

Fishing charter boat Seamphony for Joe Farr Fishing Charters

Seamphony‘… Victorian charter fishing at its finest!

She has a heated, caravan style indoor cabin to retreat from bad weather, a freshwater tank for running water, a marlin board on back,  custom rod holders, a private toilet/shower and plenty of bench space including a table and chairs. As the experienced fisherpeople will know, there’s nothing quite like being able to sit down comfortably after a long fishing session as you are motoring back to port and ‘Seamphony‘ definitely makes the journey comfortable and enjoyable for all!.


Joe Farr Fishing Charters' fishing charter boat 'Seamphony', based from Sorrento Victoria

This charter boat has charisma, and the fish love her!

Every inch of ‘Seamphony’ design is well planned with the idea of space-saving in mind, meaning that fishing space is plentiful for a smaller boat. ‘Seamphony”s space saving facilities include overhead rod racks, meaning that charter clients can often fish several rods comfortably, her inboard Yanmar motor, which allows for the deck to extend further out and enables a marlin board, a front end cabin, meaning that the space out the back is purely for fishing, and various cupboards, nooks and crannies so that things are never in the way. Joe has also equipped her with top quality gear to target what’s biting. The bait is always fresh and the rigs are all specifically designed to optimise your chances for a feed and a really good time!

The maximised fishing space means that anglers are able to bring along a few deck chairs/esky seats and are able to have some people fish while others sit down and chat without getting in the way of each other! Yep boys, the girls can come along and chat together comfortably while you guys fish ’til your heart’s content, or vice versa!

In our opinion ‘Seamphony‘ is the ultimate choice in fishing charter boating trips from Sorrento or Queenscliff. Small enough to catch the fish and big enough to bring your best mates, your family or your clients!

Joe Farr Fishing Charters fishing charter boat 'Seamphony' pulled up alongside the Sorrento Boat Ramp with Joe Farr giving the thumbs up and fishing rods and gear overhead

Ready to go!

Consider ‘Seamphony‘ for:

- BIRTHDAY fishing boat trips

- EXECUTIVE FISHING CHARTERS with trips sure to impress your clients

- FAMILY FISHING AND SIGHTSEEING trips around Port Phillip Bay

- CORPORATE breakups and work team bonding GETAWAYS in a clean and professional environment

- STAKEHOLDER RELATIONS to show key clientele an unforgettably unique experience in Melbourne

- ANNIVERSARY fishing trips

- CATCHING UP WITH MATES somewhere way more interesting than usual!


- the morning of the BUCK’S day

- WEDDINGS on the water! Completely unique, with enough space for 7 of your closest friends and family in a clean and stable boat with a cabin to escape from changing weather if required and enough space for seating.

- ASHES SCATTERINGS on the water in a dignified, clean boat worthy of the occasion

- CUSTOM CHARTERS and PRIVATE BOOKINGS including potential alternative transport to the Sorrento Ferry during big events like Round the Bay in a Day (check with Joe for availability, advance bookings required).


To book a charter aboard ‘Seamphony’ or to see if we can accommodate your trip give Joe a call on 0488229752 send us an email at info@joefish.com.au or contact us HERE via our online contact form.


And a bit of Joe Farr Fishing Charters history;

Meet our ex-charter fishing boat Flying Fish, our Haines Hunter 760 Patriot custom designed by Joe to perfect her for an ideal fishing experience. She was built in 2010 to Joe’s requirements meaning that she had plenty of space on board available for fishing.

Our ex charter boat. We’ll miss you ‘Flying Fish’!

Flying Fish’ was custom designed to Joe’s specifications for 2C survey, meaning that she could legally and safely take passengers out of Port Phillip Heads into the ocean of Bass Strait. She had 2x 150 horsepower motors, full safety and first aid equipment, toilet on board and high end electronic equipment.


Charter boat fishing in Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Australia

Custom designed to Joe’s specifications for fishing, ‘Flying Fish’ was a great small group fishing boat

Similar to ‘Seamphony’, ‘Flying Fish’ had the ability to zip from point A to point B quickly and easily to cater for changing conditions. For all of these reasons ‘Flying Fish’ has also proved popular for on-the-water weddings and for sightseeing trips that can go in much closer to the sights than most bigger boats.

We loved this sleek girl and she served us well but Joe had his eye on ‘Seamphony’, his new Steber 28, for a long time (mainly for her space saving capabilities, she could fit a few more people on board and had the modern conveniences; cabin and private toilet)… and the chance came up to buy her and fit a few more people onto our charter. So it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful ‘Flying Fish’.




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