Bay Fishing

Melbourne’s southern Port Phillip Bay is home to a huge variety of fish species and is also home to Joe Farr Fishing Charters! Bay fishing trips are great fun and often produce more variety in catch than ocean fishing trips. Trips depart Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula (about an hour south/southeast of Melbourne).

The southern end of Port Phillip Bay is our local and catches here often include King George Whiting, Port Phillip Bay Snapper, Gummy Shark, Sevengill Shark, Thresher Shark, Garfish, Red Mullet, Calamari Squid, large Blue Spot Flathead, Silver Trevally, Australian Salmon, common Flathead, seasonal yellowtail Kingfish, various reef species and more.

Family fishing trips and unique birthday ideas with Joe Farr Fishing Charters

A nice calamari

Port Phillip Bay fishing trips are $150 – $250 a head for a fishing trip in the southern end of Port Phillip Bay with a maximum of 8 people plus your skipper. The price is dependent on trip length and season. You will be on an exclusive fishing charter boat with an experienced skipper (fishing all year), fresh bait and top quality gear for targeting what’s biting. Plus if you want to guarantee an amazing bay fishing session with just yourself and your close friends you are also able to book the boat exclusively (nobody else is put on your charter). Contact us for a seasonal quote.

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Sorrento Rye Portsea Blairgowrie and Rosebud all have great whiting caught on Joe Farr Fishing Charters!

King George Whiting

Bay fishing trips are great for anglers of all skill levels, from experienced anglers to those who are wanting to learn to fish! We’ve had loads of customers aboard our fishing trips who have caught their very first fish with us and where better to learn than on Port Phillip Bay with land in sight and the opportunity to fish for all kinds of different species at your fingertips! For the experienced anglers who just love getting out on the water, we’re right there with you! We always have fun trying out new techniques and sharing what we’ve learned with people who just love their fishing!

Family friendly fishing trips for beginners to experienced fishermen

Flathead Fred


- Catch cleaned and professionally filleted for you

- Small group, personalised fishing trips for up to 6 people means everyone gets a say and everyone gets to fish! If we make up a trip from smaller groups, we keep numbers to 6 for plenty of fishing space and we can go into the ocean if the weather conditions and what’s biting are suited to this. If you are a group of 8 we can fit you aboard if need be and you will have your own private charter, but it will be cosy and we’ll stay in the bay – this is where the whiting and squid fishing is best and is often preferable to the ocean.

- Value for money! Keeping the numbers small means everyone gets space to fish, prime fishing positions, fresh bait and to benefit from Joe’s extensive regular fishing experience… plus the fish is divided up among a smaller group of people for you to take home!

- Large variety in catch with an experienced and friendly skipper!

- Easily maneuverable smaller boat can often fish in places bigger boats can’t and can quickly change locations if the fish aren’t biting!

- Trips can be arranged to target certain species

- Comfortable, modern and clean boat with shelter!

- Sustainable ethos – we respect our marine office and know that we need to keep it clean and look after fish stores for future generations

- Private toilet on board

A little fella and his first calamari!

My first calamari squid!

Longer fishing trips can be arranged at additional charge depending on availability. During peak season (October through to the end of summer, school holidays, long weekends and public holidays) we usually run two trips a day so longer fishing trips are occasionally not available, but a full day on the water can be booked in advance for double cost per person (which covers our daily income). Please contact Joe for a quote for off-peak extended trips. Short fishing trips can also be arranged but will cost the same as a 5 hour trip. If at any stage you’d like to stop fishing and do some sightseeing to fill in some time (i.e. for families with smaller kids) then we can always play it by ear… that’s the beauty of being on a small charter!

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Snapper caught aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters

Port Phillip Bay snapper!

A crab grabs our fishing bait

Bay fishing often gives you suprises


Thresher shark aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters Sorrento

A beautiful thresher shark caught on a fishing trip

“Four of us recently spent 3 days with Joe and John out in the bay fishing for Flathead, Whiting, Salmon and Squid. We had a terrific time , and for experienced fishermen learnt heaps. Joe and John really know their stuff , and are tolerant and patient- even with the biggest pests!”

Russell H, Visited April 2015 (Shared on Trip Advisor 26 May, 2015 ( ))

Interested in the species that can be found in Port Phillip Bay? Check out our Fish File HERE for information and photographs of the weird and wonderful critters we’ve come across so far!


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