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We know that the best way to find out about a charter is to hear about the experience of other people who have been on board! Read on below to hear about other people’s experiences with Joe Farr Fishing Charters or to leave a comment about your own.

If you have been on a fishing trip with Joe:

This area is for your testimonial about your trip with Joe. Please be descriptive! Talk about the things you would have liked to know when you were first looking for a fishing charter and whether or not you would recommend ours. This will really help out people choosing their charter in the future.

If you are new to Joe Farr Fishing Charters:

Enjoy reading about previous customers’ experience with Joe Farr Fishing Charters. We have opened the doors for clients to leave feedback here so that you can get a balanced view of our fishing charter. We’ll leave all feedback up, good and bad (please keep it clean) to keep us honest and providing a good charter experience!

 Read on below to hear about others experiences with us!

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