Fishing the winter on Port Phillip Bay

Winter’s here! I love fishing this time of year, (particularly now that I’ve got the new boat with heated cabin and decent overhead cover!) It’s light earlier, the variety of catch is awesome, and best of all there aren’t many boats at the boat ramp! Don’t be fooled though, that’s not because there’s nothing to catch…
We’ve got such a diverse fishery here in Port Phillip Bay that there’s always a variety of species to target… and sometimes they just decide to pay us a visit all on their own!

Seven Gill Shark shows up to visit Joe Farr Fishing Charters

A nice seven gill shark visits our burley pot!


I’ve got video of the shark’s visit but am waiting for it to upload onto my Joe Farr Fishing Charters YouTube account, so if you’re interested check it out at (no e!) when it finally decides to upload. It’s pretty cool to see such a sleek creature move so smoothly in the water.

Another regular visitor is my buddy the stingray who enjoys a whiting frame or two!

Stingray visits Joe Farr Fishing Charters in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Another visitor – a stingray

So… cut to the chase Joe, what’s biting?

King George Whiting (my favourite eating fish), Australian Salmon, Gummy shark and various other Shark species, flathead and some of these…

Calamari Squid caught on Joe Farr Fishing Charters in Sorrento, Melbourne Victoria

Stick em up!


Big calamari squid on Joe Farr Fishing Charters caught in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Australia.

A Monster calamari squid!

Yes, the big squid are arriving and it never stops surprising me how big these critters grow! Imagine being underwater while there are hundreds if not thousands swimming around, which they do during their reproduction ‘ceremony’ in a giant circle the size of a football field! Mindblowing.

So there is plenty happening for our Mornington Peninsula fishing charters, and our Queenscliff fishing trips too for that matter! Lets show the fair weather fishermen how it’s done and come out on the water for a fishing trip on Port Phillip Bay over the next month.

Cold fishing charters

That’s not fishing in the cold… THIS is fishing in the cold!

We’ve got a group of fishermen who come on charter weekly, so if you’re a keen fisherman or you have your own boat and you’re not so keen on the washup and packup in the chilly winter weather then it might be worth considering the winter charters on the warmth of ‘Seamphony!’

See you on the water!


JOE FARR FISHING CHARTERS is a professional bay and ocean fishing charter exclusively for small groups. Joe Farr Fishing Charters operates in Port Phillip Bay, Bass Strait & the Rip around Port Phillip Heads and departs from Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula and Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula. Also taking bluefin tuna ocean fishing trips off Portland Victoria during tuna season. Bookings essential on 0488229752 or contact Joe online here.

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