Kingfish, kingfish, kingfish! (and whiting).

Here’s some footage from a recent Melbourne kingfish session from Sorrento! This might give you an idea why I don’t post too many videos… I’m filming and bringing in the fish at the same time!

Wow, this Melbourne kingfish season has been a busy one so far! There’s been mixed sizes of kingies caught, from rat kingfish to decent sizes. There are a lot of recreational fishermen around so best if you can arrange to come on a weekday to beat the crowds. The busyness is all due to kingfish and it’s mayhem out there! Where there are a lot of boats, there are seals, and when they decide to pay you a visit, say bye bye if you’re fishing live bait. Kingies are a flighty fish at the best of times so I wonder sometimes if all the ruckus up above keeps them on edge. Weekday trips are the go if you can arrange it.

Happy customer holding a Melbourne kingfish caught aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters, specialty game and sport fishing from SorrentoGood size yellowtail kingfish caught in Melbourne and held up by a customer on Joe Farr Fishing Charters departing Sorrento on Mornington Peninsula

Kingfish are a super touchy fish and might bite one day and not the next, keeping us fishermen constantly on our toes! My charter tends to go pretty well on them but we still have the odd day where they just don’t bite, period. We work hard for these fish and when they’re on, they’re awesome! I am as honest as possible with my clientele about these trips; while the ocean and bay fishing trips have a lot of other options for fishing other species if things aren’t going our way, on the kingfish charters once we’ve got bait and are fishing for kingies, that’s what we are fishing for and there is a chance of an amazing fishing session but a small chance that they won’t be hungry at all. We had a big load of krill come into the bay recently and for those few days, no kingfish.

If you want to try your hand at these beautiful bucket list fish, let me know! Give me a call on 0488229752 or contact us on our online contact form HERE. Try to get a group of 4 together and you’ll have the best chance of getting your preferred date.

Melbourne kingfish in an esky ready to take home for a fresh sashimi feast!

What else… Here’s some shots from customer Tiffany from a bay fishing trip a few days ago. Thanks Tiffany! She sent a message through as well:

“Thank you for today, Joe. Matt and I had a great time, and are already scheming about other trips: child-friendly and otherwise. John was a wonderful addition. Cooked up the fish tonight over coals… Bliss!  Thanks again. Tiff”

Bucket of 8 squid taken home by a customer from Joe Farr Fishing Charters

Barbequed squid by a customer from Joe Farr Fishing Charters

Good fresh squid, good company and a relaxing day!

I love it when you guys give us feedback so will try to share it in posts sometimes and put it into our testimonial page:  “Others Experiences”

A bag of whiting loaded into a fish tub caught on a Melbourne bay fishing charter Joe Farr Fishing Charters

the Whiting are Biting!

If you’ve booked a weekend charter with us, get here at least 20 minutes early to find a park and if possible try for the top carpark at the boat ramp because there is weird stuff going on with the parking meter near the Sorrento Pier and it sounds like you need a smart phone to buy a pass now and it’s a bit of a headache.

Looking forward to sharing this view with you!

Joe Farr Fishing Charters departing Sorrento

Tight lines,


JOE FARR FISHING CHARTERS is a professional bay and ocean fishing charter exclusively for small groups. Joe Farr Fishing Charters operates in Port Phillip Bay, Bass Strait & takes charters in the Rip around Port Phillip Heads. Joe Farr Fishing Charters departs from Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula and Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula, about an hour south of Melbourne Victoria. Fishing for what’s biting in bay and ocean, sport, game and local fishing for food. Also available for non-fishing boat charter. Bookings essential on 0488229752 or contact Joe online here.

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