Not everyone’s dream wedding is on land…

Get married on the water of Port Phillip Bay

Unique and different wedding ceremony location idea for if you love the water!

Yep, we can do weddings!

Recently ‘Flying Fish’ was lucky to be the wedding transport for this beautiful bride and her proud Dad. The bride brought along some white streamer flags to decorate ‘Flying Fish’ with and both girls looked stunning, bride AND boat. That’s the bonus to having a fishing boat that is so nice to ride in and to look at – she dresses up nicely for the big events!

The looks on people’s faces when our bride arrived by boat to her beach wedding ceremony were priceless. Pity my camera only has a little zoom or I would have loved sharing a photo showing the people at the ceremony. There was a lot of pointing and amazed expressions!

If you’re getting married, love the water and are interested in having a unique and intimate wedding ceremony on Port Phillip Bay aboard our girl ‘Flying Fish’ then get in touch via the online contact form here, call on 0488229752 or via email:

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