Port Phillip Bay bluefin tuna?!

It’s been exciting times lately in Port Phillip Bay! We’ve been targeting the seasonal yellowtail kingfish and we have been catching em… and bluefin tuna! Its really rare to see these prized sport fish in this region, with people usually flocking down to Portland Victoria to catch them which is a few hours west of Melbourne. Tuna haven’t been recorded in the waters of Port Phillip Bay for a very long time and we were informed today by a well respected source that the last officially recorded bluefin in the area was in 1981. So… we’re stoked for our charter to be able to share some of our surprise catches with you!

Port Phillip Bay bluefin tuna 2014

The first recorded bluefin tuna caught in these waters in MANY years! She’s small but she’s a beauty and caused a bit of a ruckus on Facebook: www.facebook.com/joefarrfishing

Here is some footage from our second bluefin tuna catch a day later, customer Elias reeling it in and myself finishing the job at his request. Our prize? A 20kg tuna, what a beauty!


Port Phillip Bay bluefin tuna 2

Another day, another tuna! What a beauty! Customer Elias with his catch of some prize Port Phillip Bay sashimi

Tuna and King George Whiting catch

The morning’s catch

And the next day we just had to try for another…

Tuna number 3 for Joe Farr Fishing Charters at Port Phillip Heads

Tuna number 3 on day 3! Dave with the 10kg fish. Woohoo

It’s not completely unheard of to sight bluefin tuna in Port Phillip Bay as the occasional school can follow bait fish along the coast into the bay… where there’s food, there’s fish! Having said that, it’s been a really long time since the sport fishing’s been this good in the area and I’m stoked to be able to take my customers out for some rare and exciting fishing. The kingfish are awesome to fish for and the tuna are as well… it’s going to be a great kingy season!

If you want to book a fishing trip give me a buzz on 0488 229 752 or contact us via our online contact form HERE.

Seeing as these tuna have created a bit of hype, it’s important that I let you all know a bit about the waters of southern Port Phillip Bay.

The tidal waters of the Rip are some of the most dangerous waters in the world. A lot of water busts through that tiny entrance which makes it hugely tidal and stand up waves can appear above boats heads in a matter of seconds, even when it looks calm. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it’s scary and it’s enough to have given me a great respect for the waters here. If you don’t know these waters like the back of your hand, you probably shouldn’t be in ‘em.

So for those who are inevitably going to want to try to catch some bluefin, I can’t stress enough, GO WITH A PROFESSIONAL THAT KNOWS THE WATERS and learn about them beofre you just head out there, and STAY OUT OF THE SHIPPING CHANNELS. The fish I’ve been catching have been out of the tide and nowhere near the shipping channels. Pilots have complained before about fishing boats being in the way and if we want to keep fishing in these beautiful waters for years to come, steer clear!



A few small kingies as well. Kingfish are fun to fish for because they fight hard and rub on the bottom

In other news, the whiting fishing is great as usual with good size and customers have been going home with decent bags of good size fillets for the family! We love our whiting, some of the best tasting fish out there we reckon, grilled in the oven with a little salt and pepper and a fresh salad to accompany it… the dinner of kings!

King George Whiting

Nice sized King George

Looking forward to seeing you on the water! Exciting times!

Tight lines,


JOE FARR FISHING CHARTERS is a professional bay and ocean fishing charter exclusively for small groups. Joe Farr Fishing Charters operates in Port Phillip Bay, Bass Strait & takes charters in the Rip around Port Phillip Heads. Joe Farr Fishing Charters departs from Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula and Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula, about an hour south of Melbourne Victoria. Also available for non-fishing boat charter. Bookings essential on 0488229752 or contact Joe online here.


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