Snap snap snapper!

They’re big, they’re red and they’re HERE!

A nice haul of tasty snapper

Joe Farr with a nice snapper caught on board his fishing charter!

Snapper caught aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters

Port Phillip Bay snapper!

Everybody loooves the snap snaps and punters go crazy for these tough little fish who love to put up a good fight and are super tasty! They took a while to do their thing this year but it’s all happening in Port Phillip Bay particularly early in the mornings if the tides are right and we’ve had a lot of happy clients take a good feed home for family and friends! Nothing like a Christmas BBQ snapper over the summer holidays, particularly if you’re the one that caught it!

If you’re thinking about booking a fishing charter over the holidays it’s best to get in quick. We’ll be running a few charters a day but have limited space now that the weather’s good and people are coming down to Sorrento for the holidays, so contact me via our online contact form HERE or on 0488229752 to arrange your dates.

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