Snaps of Snapper

Here are some pics from a recent charter aboard our new girl ‘Seamphony’! Lucky for us (and our clients) she is a fishy boat and clients so far have had good success reeling in the fish! We’ve had positive feedback on ‘Seamphony’ from our clients so far, some kind enough to give us a testimonial on our Facebook page.

Snapper caught on a snapper fishing trip with Joe Farr Fishing Charters

Nice size snapper caught aboard ‘Seamphony’. What a birthday present!

“This is one amazing boat and has all the room one could want. Have been priviledged to have a few fishes off of her and was very impressed. Great boat, great skipper, will have many more trips on her. Congrats Joe.” Colin (Cheers mate).


“Very comfortable and spacious charter vessel. Joe is an extremely professional skipper , and most importantly, he knows where to find the fish. Going out with Joe on Seamphony is a great experience.” Jeff (Thanks Jeff).


So… it’s been an interesting windy crazy few weeks, with a boat overturned at Portsea on its mooring in the 40 knot winds  and another wreck in Port Phillip Heads which has left oil gushing out into our beautiful local fishing grounds at Nepean Bay off the Point Nepean National Park for a few days now. I’m not happy about it… it’s heartbreaking actually… because nothing seems to be being done about it and it’s just bobbing around in there with people venturing into dangerous waters to ‘have a look’ while it gushes out muck into part of our beautiful fishing grounds. I’ve been on the phone to the EPA and it looks like it’s Port of Melbourne jurisdiction to clean up the wreck. I’m calling around to get my facts straight before I go pointing the finger in anyone’s direction. In the meantime oil that burns your nostrils if you’re anywhere nearby is spewing out of this vessel with the swell into Nepean Bay and the waters surrounding Point Nepean National Park.

I’ve put a pic of the Port Phillip Heads shipwreck (check out the oil) on our fishing charter’s Facebook page:

If you want to see the wreck please do it from land at Point Nepean. The Rip is dangerous. It wrecked in the most treacherous spot in the Rip where, in certain wind/tide/wave conditions, it seems completely calm and then suddenly a wave bigger than your boat appears right next to you and breaks. Check out our video footage of the boat instead (will upload soon).

Oh yeah, and BOOK YOUR TUNA TRIP FOR MAY NOW! Here’s one for the kids; What’s the difference between a fish and a piano?… You can’t tuna fish!!



JOE FARR FISHING CHARTERS is a professional bay and ocean fishing charter exclusively for small groups. Joe Farr Fishing Charters operates in Port Phillip Bay, Bass Strait & the Rip around Port Phillip Heads and departs from Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula and Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula. Also taking bluefin tuna ocean fishing trips off Portland Victoria during tuna season. Bookings essential on 0488229752 or contact Joe online here.

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