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Summer fishing, Sorrento style

Published on January 19, 2016 By joefarr

Summer season is here again and it’s been mighty hot! It’s been really busy down here on the Mornington Peninsula, with fires down on the Great Ocean Road near Lorne sending many a holiday maker over this way instead in the week after Christmas, leaving the beaches packed with people from McCrae, Rosebud, Tootgarook and [...]

What’s biting: Summer kingfish trips from Sorrento, Melbourne!

Published on January 26, 2015 By joefarr

Hey all! Here are some pics from the last few days of kingfishing. Not too shabby! For the uninitiated, kingfish are one of those ‘bucket list’ fish and fishing for them is some of the most exciting fishing the Sorrento area has to offer. They come into the area early in January and the bigger [...]