Whales in Port Phillip Bay

So… another day on Port Phillip Bay with some friendly fishing charter customers who’d never been fishing before when suddenly a mama whale and her baby show up right near where we were fishing! I got a bit of footage on my camera but the reflection on top of the water doesn’t do it justice, especially when we had a whale swim underneath our charter boat – in pretty shallow water too! Once in a lifetime. The customers caught their first fish and saw their first whales all within 20 minutes!

These whales were swimming off Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula side of the bay. Everyone around stopped fishing and just watched these amazing creatures do their thing. We encounter all kinds of wildlife surprises out on Port Phillip Bay during our charters but this has been one of the closest encounters I’ve ever had. Better point out that seeing whales in Port Phillip Bay is rare and not something that can be predicted but a trip into the bay often brings us face to face with various Port Phillip Bay wildlife.
If anyone can identify the whale species send me an email, I’d like to post a bit more about them. I assume they were Southern Right Whales?

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