Terms and Conditions


For this Terms and Conditions, Joe Farr Fishing Charters will be known as ‘JFFC’ and the person making the Booking for themselves and on others’ behalf as the ‘Client’.


1. (i). Payment is required in two installments, the first as a 50% Deposit of the group total to secure your charter date, followed by the Balance as a 50% installment, either via direct deposit a week prior to departure OR as cash on the day prior to charter departure. If payment is not met prior to charter departure the Skipper retains the right to leave unpaid passengers onshore.

1. (ii). The Booking is finalised and your date is secure once a minimum of 50% deposit has been received by JFFC and the best mobile phone number for contact on the morning of charter has been provided to JFFC.

1. (iii). The final balance payable is the difference between the 50% deposit and the number of people initially booked with JFFC. If there is a change to numbers you must notify JFFC no later than 14 days before the trip or you will need to pay for the absent people in order to cover lost income.

1. (iiii): Prices are subject to change without notice, however once officially booked with JFFC the price remains as per the date of booking. Should the charter be postponed more than twice for any reason then pricing will revert to the current pricing, which will be available to the Client via discussion with Joe prior to the second Payment date.



2. (i). While we at JFFC take the utmost precaution for your safety, Joe Farr Fishing Charters is not responsible for injury no matter how serious and fishing aboard the charter is at your own risk. It is understood that you will not board ‘Seamphony’ if you do not agree with this. ‘Seamphony’ carries a current certificate of 2C Survey with Marine Safety Transport Victoria and complies with their strict safety regulations that enable the chartering of passengers. Passengers are also given a safety briefing prior to departure including a life jacket drill.

2. (ii). Passengers under 18 years are required to wear a lifejacket at all times aboard the charter, as are people who cannot swim. Those under 16 years are required to have adult supervision unless otherwise agreed upon with Joe.

2. (iii). In the interest of passenger safety it is required that your skipper is made aware of all pre-existing medical conditions prior to departure.

2. (iiii). In the interest of safety JFFC reserves the right to cuff off any passenger from drinking during a charter and any argument in the matter will result in the trip being cancelled and water police notified. JFFC also reserves the right to drop any passenger he deems dangerous or offensive in to any port with no refund.



3. (i). Cancellations will occur if JFFC deems the charter to be dangerous to passengers due to weather, which is wind, tide, weather and swell dependant and also requires significant local knowledge. In the event of unsuitable weather, the skipper has the final say in all charter cancellations so contact him the night before your trip. In the instance of a cancellation the charter will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date and if there isn’t one, payment will be refunded to the Client.

3.(ii). It is your responsibility to check in with the skipper no later than 6pm the day prior to your trip to confirm trip details.



4. (i). The Client must give at least 14 days notice for full cancellation, or the Client will be held accountable for total cost of charter. The Client must give at least 14 days notice for changes to numbers, or the Client will be held accountable for total cost for the people who have cancelled. This gives JFFC time to rebook additional passengers to compensate for changes in numbers. If the Client fails to inform JFFC of changes prior to this time then they are liable for the full cost of the numbers booked.

4. (ii). If there is a passenger no-show, the Client who initially booked for them will be liable to cover their costs, due to loss of income.

4. (iii). In the instance of a cancellation by JFFC where a mutually convenient rescheduling cannot be reached, the Client will receive a refund of all money paid.



If Joe deems the weather conditions to be unsuitable for charter departure and a suitable replacement date cannot be arranged then Joe Farr Fishing Charters will give full refund. Refunds are not available for any other reason unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

It is understood upon booking that while aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters the skipper’s decision is final on all matters. The Skipper reserves the right to terminate the trip without refund.

While we have a very good track record of catching what we fish for, catching fish aboard your charter is not 100% guaranteed. No refunds will take place if you are unsatisfied with your charter.



A fishing license is required for every person who boards JFFC. These are available on the Victorian Fisheries Authority website.



Alcohol is permitted aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters but in moderation only; we’re there to fish, first and foremost. The skipper reserves the right to drop anybody he/she deems too drunk or unruly on shore with no refund. In the interest of passenger safety the skipper’s word is final.



JFFC provides top quality gear and tackle. There is a strict you break it, you buy it policy for fishing gear and anything dropped overboard if not retrievable will be required to be replaced by the person who dropped it.


At Joe Farr Fishing Charters we do our very best to ensure that our customers are happy with our service and have a great time out on the water. If you have any questions, issues or any feedback, good or bad, we would like to hear it so that we can make Joe Farr Fishing Charters the best that it can be!


Tight lines,

Joe and Em

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