What to Bring Fishing

Things you will need to bring on your fishing trip with Joe Farr Fishing Charters:


One of the most important things to do when coming fishing aboard a charter boat is to wear COVERED SHOES. Most fish have hidden spikes and sometimes when fish are first caught they can flop about in the bottom of the boat, so this one is pretty important.



Every charter passenger must have a Victorian fishing license to fish in Victoria unless they are younger than 18 years or over 70 years of age. Short and long term fishing licenses can be purchased online via the Department of Primary Industries here. If you do not have a fishing license then it is illegal to keep your bag limit of fish and our charter will get fined big money, so in short we can’t keep your bag limit without one. You will need to be able to produce your fishing license, which can either be as a paper printout or via your phone if purchased online.


A small portable cooler is a good to bring along for keeping your catch fresh after your charter. Joe fillets your catch for you which greatly reduces the space it takes up. Make sure your esky can hold a couple of cold drinks, some nibbles and your filleted catch but not too much more unless you want your esky to take your fishing spot!


Trips leave early in the morning and come back before lunchtime so bring anything you’d like to snack on during your charter and anything you’d like to drink as well. Tea and coffee is supplied on the boat.


Whatever the time of year, the sun is three times as strong out on the water. A hat on its own isn’t enough because the sun hits from above, reflects from below and from the sides. Melbourne’s weather is so variable that we recommend you pack a hat, sunscreen and some sunglasses no matter what the time of year. The overcast days are often the worst for getting burnt even if it isn’t hot. The Aussie sun is intense no matter what the weather.

A word to the wise if you will wear sunglasses or eye glasses aboard your fishing trip:

Make sure you have something to hold the sunglasses or glasses on to your head! Many a nice pair of glasses have gone to the fish gods when looking down during the excitement of pulling in a fish, easily prevented by a $2.50 glasses strap from your local chemist.


No matter the time of year we are usually on the water before the sun comes up and it can be cold, especially with a bit of wind coming across the water. Pack some warmer clothes too.


Alcohol is permitted aboard Joe Farr Fishing Charters but in moderation only; we’re there to fish, first and foremost. Joe Farr Fishing Charters is a small group charter and if anyone drinks too much aboard our charter they become a danger to themselves and others. The skipper reserves the right to drop anybody he/she deems too drunk or unruly on shore with no refund. In the interest of passenger safety the skipper’s word is final.